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At Spring Back Therapy we deal with muscular problems, and the effect of these problems on the body. You don't need to be an athlete to suffer from muscular tension, so our treatment can be for anyone. It is simple physical therapy based on the oldest remedy known to man - find where it hurts and rub it better.

Our massage is "hands on" therapy that involves the application of oils to the skin by rubbing. The techniques also include the application of pressure to hibit muscle spasm in tense areas of the body, and the application of mechanical vibration in the form of intrasound - sound wave therapy and low frequency vi-bro-massage.

We work as a "holistic" therapists and treat the body as a whole, not just the expected area where the pain may be felt. We use my hands to explore for areas of abnormal tension or restricted movement that can then be immediately released. Clients are often tired of just being looked at and only when someone actually gets hold of them their problem is identified.

We never use high velocity impulse or "click" type manipulation, but I do use a form of spinal mobilisation called "Turn for the Better" which helps restore the correct movement of vertebral joints safely and with no sudden movements. It works in con-junction with the techniques outlines above.

The work that we do is all about changing and improving the state of your body so that it will be better able to heal itself. It is not a pleasure or relaxation massage, and will certainly feel uncomfortable at times! It can take up to 6 days after the treatment for your body to adjust, and you should try not to make up your mind about its effectiveness before this time. Sensitive people may suffer some temporary bruising after treatment.






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