About Turn Therapy



Turn is a hands on therapy, the timeless technique of human touch can still detect muscle tension and functional misalignment in a way that scans and X-rays cannot. Turn therapy combines a modern understanding with the oldest therapy known to man – ‘Rub it better’.

With a holistic understanding of how the body's muscles nerves and bones function in relation to each other, Turn therapists look at the body as an integrated system, aiming to treat the causes of dysfunction and pain rather than just the symptoms themselves.

Turn Therapists use the knowledge gained by educated touch, to “see” with their   hands and recognise otherwise hidden patterns of tension that may be causing   dysfunction in the body as a whole. We understand for instance that knee, pelvis,   back, neck and shoulder problems can all relate to misalignments affecting the foot. Digestive problems can relate to the thoracic spine, and Chronic Fatigue can be   associated with misalignment in the ribcage. Armed with this knowledge we are able to use simple, safe manual therapy to help resolve seemingly complex conditions.

Your feet support you.

Experience shows that when we treat the feet first, patient outcomes improve   tremendously. It is clear that the spine cannot maintain stability if the body is   constantly twisting to avoid a foot problem such as a displaced metatarsal even in the   absence of perceptible pain.

Turn Therapists use sensitive palpation skills which enable them to locate tension.

It can also help to:

Increase blood and lymphatic flow
Break down scar tissue and adhesions
Stretching and toning muscles
Releasing pressure on trapped nerves
Restoring mobility to the limbs
Reducing stress in general

It helps deal with the immediacy injuries / strains and sprains but helps long term to prevent reoccurrence of problems helping the body become fitter and more flexible.

This treatment is based on the release of muscular tension so that the body can work better.

Working as a Turn Therapist we focus on the analysis and restoration of individual disfunctionalspinal joints through muscles that control them.

The method we use at Spring Back Therapy looks at muscular tension, involving pressure points causing nerves to be trapped alongside the spine which may have built up over years. It is done simply and safely with no sudden movements allowing the body’s natural healing to be restored.