What to expect during your appointment

At your first consultation

You will be asked about why you have come in order to assess your broad suitability for this type of treatment. You will be asked about your medical history in order to check that the treatment will not conflict with any pre existing condition or drugs that you may be taking. You will be asked a few general lifestyle questions in case there may be a significant link between this and your need for treatment.

The treatment generally starts with an assessment of the function of the muscles of the legs whilst you are sitting down. This gives a good indication of what is happening in your feet and may lead on to immediate foot treatment and release to tension affecting your legs and knees.

You then kneel forwards over a support whilst we assess and treat your back, pelvis, hips, shoulders and neck.

Next we will ask you to lie on a treatment couch for assessment and treatment of your abdominal muscles, pelvis, legs, ribcage, neck, shoulders and possibly some cranial work. This order of treatment always applies, but may take place over a number of visits depending on the amount of work needed.

During the treatments we use our fingers and thumbs to apply pressure at points along the spine with the client laterally bending and turning to achieve maximum mobilizations. This releases the muscles to restore mobility to certain / relative areas to the spinal section being worked on. The intervertebral muscles are then released from tension and the vertebral displacements tend to “spring back” naturally into line. During treatment there is no forced movement and no high manipulation this is because as the spine straightens and relaxes the nerve compressed areas are released.

Our hands are the manual therapist, we focus mainly on releasing muscular tension, and we cannot say we can cure everyone as that would be lying.  We cannot also claim to heal a medical condition or to replace the need for major surgery; however by doing what we do we can view the body as a whole in a holistic manor and it may help reduce the need for surgery. We may refer clients for a medical diagnostic as then this can help us with our work as we cannot diagnose only give our judgement and opinion. Elements of our work are based around the Dorn technique, Mulligan mobilisations and aspects of Rolfing.

It is good to wear baggy/ lose fitting trousers that can be rolled above the knee.

It is usually necessary to undress only to the waist, unless you have a pelvic or leg condition.

Turn is not a pleasure or relaxation massage, and will certainly feel uncomfortable at times.

It is our job to find the trigger points behind your problems which will always be uncomfortable to touch. They will generally release in 60 to 90 seconds allowing the restoration of your own healing processes. Please do not worry about this discomfort because the treatment is slow and steady with no sudden movements and you will always be in charge. It can take up to 6 days after the treatment for your body to adjust, and you should try not to make up your mind about its effectiveness before this time. Sensitive people may suffer some temporary bruising after treatment which if it occurs, will normally settle in about a week.

 On subsequent consultations

We will discuss your progress since your last treatment.

We are likely to introduce rehabilitation exercises, and consider any further measures necessary to help prevent a recurrence of your condition. We always try to educate you to help yourself as well as to treat you.

Our priority is to always get you back on your own feet, and provide you with enough knowledge to help treat yourself.

If you have any doubts or questions at any time, please feel free to ask us.

There is never any obligation to undertake or indeed continue treatment that you may be unhappy about.

Treatments are typically 45 minutes to an hour, subsequent appointments may be shorter depending on the work required.

We always recommend that you bring someone to sit in with you - especially for your first session. Very occasionally the release of tension may leave you a bit light headed, so it can be reassuring to have a friend to drive you home. A companion may help you remember details of the treatment and advice, and we will happily give them massage instruction so they can help treat you at home. However, this is not compulsory