What our clients think of us

“I have been receiving treatment from Millie for a year now, she explained to me that the whole body is connected and I didn’t even realise how a misalignment in the foot can contribute to hip/lower back pain which causes upper body pain. I feel the treatment has helped me over come my anxiety and my headaches are now minimal. It’s always so easy to make an appointment with Millie and she is fab at squeezing you in if you are in need.” L.B

“I’ve been having treatment from Chloe for my chronic lower back pain, hip pain and shoulder pain. I can’t begin to explain how after 30 plus years of hip pain and after just a few treatments and the pain was totally reduced and my pain has so much improved. The way she explains the self-care and advice for after treatment makes me aware of the whole body approach and able to help myself at home.” J.T

“I came to Millie in a bit of a mess, I had pulled my back at work and was referred to her via a friend, Millie managed to get me in that same week and not only sorted my back but the shoulder pain, knee problem and headaches I was also getting. After a few treatments the self care advice was working and I can’t recommend Millie enough” C.L

“Having come to Spring Back Therapy not knowing what to expect, and like, I presume, most people not quite knowing what I was letting myself in for I can’t help but tell people about Millie and how she has got me almost pain free and sleeping/moving around easier. The treatment isn’t the most comfortable but is defiantly worth it ” A.H

“I have been treated by Millie for Chronic Lower back pain her Clinic is always very welcoming and friendly, it smells fresh and has very good carparking, I would give it 5/5 stars. Millie has helped me come on so far and I love that she try's her best to be available for an ‘emergency’ appointment” J.P

“I’ve been coming to Millie ever since the sitting room days, where it all began, she is my go to body woman. I’ve learnt I need to stop rushing around as life tends to get very busy and I hold all my tension in my shoulders, now having regular treatments every 3 months, and doing my self-care exercises at home most weeks, I feel I am free from the pain that was a burden to me, I can’t thank Millie enough” N.B

“I had recently been chatting to a colleague at work about how I had hurt my foot, she then got on to telling me about Spring Back Therapy and how they start with the feet, I rang up shortly after this and spoke to Millie who booked me in with the next available appointment which was with Chloe. When I came she explained to me that the treatment was slightly different to others and this way is a ‘whole body’ approach which it literally it! Chloe explained why it was important to start with the feet as these are the ‘foundation’ of the body. This treatment has enabled me to walk properly and get back to playing badminton again.”