Self Care

At Spring Back Therapy we care a lot about getting you better, so we give plenty advice on self-care, we advise on the best insoles to wear, how to massage parts of your body that may be causing you pain. We give out stretches and exercises when we feel necessary.

We have recently discovered a new tool that can help mobilise the foot, that can help restore the body in to the correct alignment.

Here at Spring Back Therapy we really believe that you, yourself can do some good at home by ‘rubbing it better’ we advise Comfrey Cream or Arnica oil to do so with. Comfrey is an old Roman remedy which is commonly known as ‘Knitbone’ for its ability to speed wound healing. The uses of Comfrey cream stimulates healing activity as it is high in Calcium and Vitamin C.

Arnica is known to reduce inflammation and ease pain, it boosts immunity, accelerates healing and stimulates the blood flow, relax muscles and protect against cramps, muscle tension and soreness.

This space will be updated in the future with more information, for the mean time “The Team” at Spring Back Therapy will keep you up to date within the clinic with what’s best for you.

Chronic pain can’t be fixed in one session, whilst this treatment may have a short term benefit, you may benefit from a regular maintenance programme over a number of months. Please be assured that there is never any obligation to undertake or continue treatment that you may be unhappy about. If you have any doubts – just ask!